TOPAZ The Speedstar

GARNET Cherry Bomb SAPPHIRE The Kung-Fu Master

18, the middle sister of the Barba Rocket Patrol. A beautiful redhead in platform high heels. She dresses in only the most fashionable clothing and works in a clothing boutique. The first fembot to be equiped with F2LT, Full Frontal Laser Technology. The very technology that enables an ordinary milk producing breast to emit lasers. Developed by the Tengachaya Intelligence Team or T.I.T.S. as we like to call em', they have also engineered the Alloy Space Sabre (A.S.S.). She proves that some T.I.T.S. and A.S.S. can get you a long way. She has an excellent understanding of mechanics and is very good with her hands.

17, the youngest of the Barba Rocket Patrol. The definition of why blondes do have more fun. She styles hair in a prominent Beverly Hills hair salon while making contacts to help boost her chances of becoming a Hollywood moviestar. She talks fast and lives even faster, if she cooked like the way she walks, you would lick her plate. The innocence of youth coupled by the boobs of burlesque, she is naive and daring. She is equiped with the same wealth of weaponry as her sisters but does not possess the same amount of knowledge. She is young and still discovering the beauty and the beast of her body.

19, is the oldest of the Barba Rocket Patrol. She has dark red hair and the etiquette of a princess. Her Earthly occupation includes martial arts instruction and posing as a gym aerobics trainer. She plays hard to get and even harder to keep. Sapphire has mastered the arts of Jeet Kun Do, Interplanetary Warfare and F2LT as well. She has the tutelage of all weaponry and intelligence possessed by all three sisters. The well trained fembot has proven proficient against any and all adversaries. To challenge her has been catergorized as "mental"

PROFESSOR TENGACHAYA - an Earthling mad scientist. The creator of the Barba Rockets or "fembot fatale 3" as he likes to call his creation. The professor is a type of father figure to the girls. Relationship between the professor and the girls is warm and friendly. He knows little of the "action" seen by the girls, he assumes their innocence, takes their words as true, and beleives the quiefs in the night are flatulence. Professor Tengachaya........................................Genius!

BARBA - the voice of the mysterious Barba, major player in the struggle against Viobrator. No one knows what Barba looks like but she sure sounds sexy. A calm, cool and deep throaty voice coupled by a vocabulary so risque they nicknamed her "Viagra". She contacts the girls via "cosmic cell communicators" (c3) to inform of current objectives and the actions incurred.

VIOBRATOR - the infamous leader of the "Hame Hame Gang". A universal crime syndicate of space poachers who ruthlessly stalk the innocence of Earthlings. Viobrator leads the syndicate of space soldiers to assemble, equip, and train recruits throughout many cities on Earth. Their primary objective is to cause chaos on a universal level, their primary combatants, the Barba Rocket Patrol.