Rockin' Jelly Bean / raw kin `jel-e `been (1900ís) who professes or practices an imaginative art 2.a skilled adept public performer; specif: a musical and/or graphical entertainer 3.artist

The name "Jelly Bean" originated as an alias derived from a childhood nickname given to him by his grandmother. A series of birthmarks located on the back of his shoulder appears to look like jellybeans, hence the name Rockin' Jelly Bean.

Jelly was born in a year unknown on the sandy beaches of Hawaii, an island paradise where he spent his early years to later migrate to Japan during his adolescence. Growing up in the city of Kyoto, his family first noticed his ability to draw, particularly cartoons. In Junior High School, he discovered Playboy magazine, an inspirational publication in the eyes of Jelly. He then began creating his own versions of beautiful, often naked, female subjects. He became astute at mixing and matching his favorite anatomical features with his favorite actresses, thus creating his own creature of beauty and burlesque. With mom peeping over his shoulder, she could only comment, "Don't be a pervert" as her initial impression would not lead Jelly to give up. He eventually found work at a design office as an "art evaluator" and would be given the task to rate artwork by other artists. At that time, he realized that he could do better than the artists he evaluated. Jelly then decided to start on his own path as a free-lance artist as he, simultaneously, organized a band with friends Jackie and Enocky. Jackie and the Cedrics is a refreshing jolt of surf music, proved to be an excellent vehicle in discovering his musical inclination and unique artistic aptitude. The artwork for the bands' first performance was the springboard for his solo career as a graphic artist. Many in the music industry noticed his artwork as he was sought after to create album covers and movie posters for a variety of indies.

Soon, his artwork was found on fliers, posters, and magazines throughout Japan. His unique style, dynamic presentation, and exploits of the female physique produced detailed images nurturing his brainchild, Erosty Pop! Empire.

Rockin' Jelly Bean and Jelly Bean Girls 2002 (Bunny, Lucy, Juecy) Photo by Tony

A somewhat risqu' forum of art designs printed on his own label that has rejuvenated many youth and custom culture addicts. Based in Los Angeles with a sub-station in Japan, Erosty Pop! has gained momentum and appears to be the new vehicle headed for stardom.

Additionally, Jelly's desire to establish a new base for his artistic activity here in Los Angeles and befriend the likes of American Lowbrow artists such as Coop, Von Franco, and Frank Kozic, has been a dream come true. His admiration for fellow lowbrow artists has inspired Jelly, as he remains humbled by the beauty of art.

Keep your eyes on the horizon, the quintessential artistic type, with look of both predator and prey, Rockin' Jelly Bean is still on the edge...

Rockin' Jelly Bean's drawing at his studio