Webisode 003

Once again, submitted for your approval, the disapproval of sexual endeavors of the third kind. An in depth observation of sexual conduct outlining the relations shared between space koalas and the actual definitions of "kinds" or "bases" of sex performed by the most recent encounter of a one Miss Pinky Poosay and her accomplice, Splurty. The measurement of sexual orientation in perspective of the human and "hot-bot" species conducted by the universally recognized, Tenga-Chaya Intelligence Team. Prepare to take an intimate journey not only of sound and sight, but of mind. A signpost up ahead, you just entered the "Bone Zone".

Everyone knows that kissing is first base. Exterior garment fondling usually has been classified as second base while third base has been referred to in a multitude of variation. Most commonly recognized as excessive foreplay fondling of the private regions where a select area of insertion does apply. This does indeed exclude penetration with the ejaculatory utensil within the vaginal passage but does not necessarily exclude insertion into the lower cerebral orifice. A plethora of information, facts, and developments surrounding the events that had taken place previously, may trigger dire consequences for the space koala species.

Thus far, this all has been viewed as just the "stain" next to the pile of shit in the crotch of the "panties of life" .

Returning to the crime scene, the demolished hot-rod belonging to Viobrator sits under a tree completely drenched in boobie milk and in a cloud of smoke. Splurty is looking out of the back seat window while smiling. But where in the hell is Pinky Poosay? She then picks up her head while Splurty proceeds to light a cigarette. The Barba Rockets now take the space koalas into custody and transport them to professor "Tenga-Chaya" s laboratory.

Just as they leave, local authorities arrive to secure a perimeter around the crime scene. Detectives begin to question witnesses while rumors of the Barba Rocket Patrol begin to circulate.

Forward to the laboratory, many tests and observations are being made in order to determine the mental and physical health of Pinky and Splurty. Enquiring minds want to know, how many professors does it take to obtain knowledge in regards to the spitting or swallowing habits of a female space koala? The answer shall be revealed through the genius mind of professor Tenga-Chaya. A genius of a man indeed, but the acts of sex with a partner is as familiar to him as not scratching, is to a pair sweaty balls. All balls itch, a truth known to man since the creation of the heavens and beginnings of time. In fact at one time, my idea of heaven would be having another set of balls and a couple of extra fingers to scratch with! Back to testing, all observations point to the spitting theory. It appears that Pinky Poosay' s mouth had a party and Splurty was the only one who came. The problem now, is where in the hell has the splerm and saliva mixture been spitted? Has the sticky goo been captured by Viobrator? What will come of the universe if this is true?

Come again, and again, and again.