Part One / Webisode 002-1

An elevated perspective of planet Earth, proceeding to zoom in closer and closer. We begin to see the United States as we now focus on California. Proximate the city of Los Angeles, as the evil lair of Viobrator comes into view.

Entering Viobrator's headquarters, we go through numerous hallways and corridors, following the sounds of muffled screams and wimpers in the distance. The sounds gradually become more audible nearing a large red door, the epicenter of the painful sounds. Approaching the door to peek into the keyhole, a foul stench is in the air. Peeping into the keyhole, our eyes begin to water and burn. We can see Viobrator, he's taking a shit! You can actually feel the warmth and see the odor lingering through the keyhole! He now flushes the toilet and begins to fill it up again. Contrary to popular opinion, he really is full of shit. He now exits the bathroom. While walking gingerly through the hall, he picks his underwear out of his ass then smells his fingers.

We noticed that Viobrator was reading while "downloading" in the bathroom. Entering this room to see what was so interesting, we first notice the condition the toilet has been left in. It appears that a discharge of fecal matter has been left marinating in the bowl.You can see numerous shades of brown along with undigested pieces of lettuce within the abandoned stool sample. Upon further investigation, a newspaper is found on the floor next to an opened jar of Vaseline. The page exposed appears to be an advertisement of ladies panties and brassieres. After unfolding the sticky pages, an article that has been circled comes into view. The article has a heading that reads,"SPLURTY ARRIVES TODAY!".

Flashback to three years earlier, the memory of an abducted albino female space koala comes to mind."Pinky Poosay" was her name, the most beautiful and rarest species of space koala in the universe.It was thought that the infamous Viobrator was the culprit. This may indeed be true if he is investigating the whereabouts of Splurty, the space koala debonair. Splurty is notorious for impregnating the most infertile female space koalas. Said to have S4, Super Sonic Space Splerm, the quality and potency derived from his ejaculatory vessel has the universe in awe. The significance of all this thus far is the multifarious applications for splerm. Splerm, space sperm derivative of space koalas, has many uses. Good and bad, practical and impractical, for the universe as a whole, or even the butt-hole, this stuff is priceless. It was always thought that Viobrator was planning to breed and/or clone male space koalas. Investigative research has shown that splerm in it's first two generations has a potency beyond practical uses. The research also shown that if the only male space koala, Splurty, impregnated an albino third generation female space koala, the splerm's microheyholegenetics would be consistent with prevailing standards for human consumption. Therefore, making a viable space rape drug a possibility. The Space Crime Syndicate has produced the space rape drug once before, back then referred to as"sploofies". Sploofies were given to unsuspecting women in order to gain access to sexual orientation. The problem with the drug was the actual potency of the splerm, the sploofies were too powerful and would kill the victims instead of mentally debilitating them.Sploofies were originally designed to heighten sexual euphoria, but later learned to have qualities that would disable victims leaving them in a sexual trance, causing a sudden rise in date rape.This very occurrence sparked opportunity in the black market and the underground.

If a lower grade of splerm could be produced, sploofies would be the drug of choice for the entire universe!

This is now starting to all come together. Viobrator is planning to kidnap Splurty! He is going to mate the male koala arriving with the female koala in his custody. Will he succeed in his iniquitous endeavor? Will the Barba Rockets Patrol be able to prevent and ward off Viobrator's immoral plan? Tune in next month, December 1st, to see how the story unfolds!

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